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Mulled Wine Recipe

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I am so excited that it’s December! I LOVE the holidays. The crisp air, the scent of rain, the beautiful decorations, and twinkling lights- every part of this month makes me happy. One of the best things about the colder weather, in my opinion, is Hot Mulled Wine.

Adding the citrus and different spices just like Sangria, but instead of being iced, it’s served hot to help you battle the cold.
Here’s my favorite Mulled Wine recipe:

Total Servings: Approx. 8


4 cups spiced apple cider

1 750 mL bottle of red wine (One Way favorites are our 2009 Stop on
Red Cabernet Sauvignon or 2010 Stop on Red Cabernet Sauvignon

Approx.. ¼ cup of honey

2-3 whole cinnamon sticks

1 orange- zested and juiced

4-6 whole cloves

For Garnish if desired: orange peel



In a large saucepan or Crock Pot© combine; cider, wine, honey,
cinnamon sticks, orange zest and juice, and cloves.

Slowly bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes. If using Crock Pot© then allow serve when wine becomes your desired temperature. J

Pour into mugs, add your garnish, if desired, and enjoy!

This recipe was adapted from Ina Garten.


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